Philosophy & Approach

Progress focused

I’m fortunate to work with successful business owners and leaders. I’ve built a practice that works with clients who want to achieve a lot of growth and progress in their business and their lives. Doing this requires a willingness to do things differently and an awareness that I don’t operate like conventional consultants, coaches or counsellors. I take an integrated approach, which provides structures to really help support people so they can make significant shifts.

I work from big picture to a comprehensive approach

What that means is that we start with understanding enough about the big picture to allow us to get really clear on the details that need to be acted on and how they need to be acted on. That also means that things can feel slow at first. However, if you’re willing to put the foundation in place, and you’re prepared to act on the details, you’ll be able to help the best possible outcomes to happen.

We work on ‘business’ and ‘personal’ 

I don’t view a separation between ‘business’ and ‘personal’ in our work together.  I’m very aware that people don’t achieve big progress by compartmentalizing their lives.  I can call on you to bring all of yourself to this.

Face to Face

As much as possible, we work face to face. If you’re in London, we’ll get to meet face to face more often. If you are travelling, or live elsewhere, we can use video conference, which is also another from of being face to face.

Preparation and follow-up and practice

There will be preparation in advance of most meetings, and follow-up after.


Our work together will be focused on change and it will require both your willingness and action to change. For you to get what you truly want, it’s really important you apply skills and insights to practice in real time with the goal of experiencing yourself getting better and better. The key goal is to bring resolution to the areas you identify as most important to work on. In our meetings I will honour this standard with you.

Specific to You

We base our work on who you are, what’s showing up for you and your team and what you want to achieve. My background is multi-disciplinary and it includes; business consulting to the financial services industry, coaching to business owners and leaders and personal counselling. Because of this I’m able to assess what approaches from those disciplines and best practices, will be most helpful to supporting your goals.   Sometimes coaching can be exactly what you need, other times it’s skills and tools from business consulting and sometimes counselling is exactly what is needed for mental and emotional intelligence and strength.   With this background we can truly make the work specific to you.

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