How Laura Works

Most entrepreneurs are successful because they have a few traits that are unique. Sometimes those traits are that they obsess over things, or that they are compulsive, or that they can’t sit still. There are dozens of things that could be going on. And sometimes those traits, taken to the extreme, can be frustrating to work with or even damaging.

Now, a typical psychologist/therapist/counselor/coach might want to help the entrepreneur “fix” that trait. But there’s a problem with that: the business is often largely driven by that trait. If they “fix” the trait, they can “break” the business.

Laura¬†looks at the business and the entrepreneur and asks, “How do we ensure this trait flourishes, but in a way that’s healthy and sustainable?” She also looks at areas where she can support the entrepreneur in increasing their confidence, improving their relationships with their team, their partner, their spouse and their family.

She looks at the personality, strengths, beliefs and relationships of the client and supports them in continuing to grow as entrepreneurs and individuals. She helps them use their mind-set to full advantage while addressing the core beliefs and personal contexts that can be repeatedly thwarting their efforts to move to the next level.

It’s not for everyone and it’s not for the faint of heart. Laura¬†will look past the built up smoke screens and cut to the core of what’s either limiting you, or preventing you from pulling off what you’re really capable of.

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