4 Reasons to Chat with Laura

4 Reasons to Chat With Laura

    1.  An ally. Regardless of the endeavor, when someone achieves a high level of success, the constant is that they had help. That help can come in all kinds of ways, but it’s always there. The question is, “Who is entirely on your side without judgment about you?”
    2. Integrated expertise. A coach can help you work from today forward into the future. A therapist can help you look at the past and release loads you might be carrying. A consultant can help you find some concrete answers and has subject matter expertise. A relationship systems coach can help you address the quality of the connections you have with people who are important to you. Laura can use all of these foundational approaches and many modalities to help with what is most significant to you.
    3. Business savvy. Laura held professional positions in top tier corporate business and then built a full practice in business consulting for top professional services firms, before heading into the world of psychology.  She worked extensively with top financial advisors firms in Canada. She understands the business issues, which means she “gets” what’s going on and can be empathetic, and she also knows when you may off course, needing some direct feedback. Unusual for a psychotherapist.
    4. Range. Whether you’re facing the realities of a degrading or ending marriage, creating a new business partnership, want to achieve some important personal goals, or need to face an ongoing pattern of destructive behaviour, Laura has seen the issue and worked with clients who have had to handle the same.


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